Sunday, August 27, 2017

Marie Antoinette Unlockable Giveaway (Open 8/27/17 through 9/24/17)

As some readers might already know, I have lost both my father and one of my brothers to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) within the past few years. Since my father’s death, my family and I have been attending the ALS of Michigan Walk n' Roll charity event each year. This organization helps provide essential equipment, support and other services to people with ALS and their families. This year, to help fundraise for my part in the Walk n' Roll, I am hosting an unlockable giveaway! What is an unlockable giveaway? In short, the more money I can raise for my Walk Team this year, the more items I will add to my giveaway! Interested? Take a look at the details and rules below!

Donation Page: My ALS of Michigan Walk n' Roll Fundraising Page. Donations have to be made specifically to my page (not through the team page) in order to count towards unlocking. Please donate here to help out this amazing and essential organization! (And to ensure you could win more nifty prizes!)

Giveaway Details

When Can I Enter?

The 'Marie Antoinette Unlockable Giveaway' is open August 27th, 2017 through September 24th, 2017, midnight EST. 

How Do I Enter?

Simply comment to this Marie Antoinette Unlockable Giveaway Post here on Blogspot! Please include a name, contact email and/or Tumblr username (if applicable) and a short comment to let me know you're entering. If you are including your Tumblr username, make sure you have asks or messages open so that I can contact you after you win. You may only enter once. All comments will be kept screened/private.

Prize Information

The final prizes will be depend on how much I am able to raise on my personal walk page for the ALS of Michigan Walk n' Roll by midnight EST 9/24/17. For every $100 I am able to raise for my Walk n' Roll page, new items will be "unlocked" and added to the giveaway.  In short: the more money I raise for charity, the more awesome things you could win! At certain levels, additional winners will be unlocked; additional winners will receive 2 duplicate items (TBD) from the unlocked prizes. 

Base Prize

Base Giveaway Prize: (1) Vintage Versailles postcard; (1) Historiae Marie Antoinette Bouquet-du-Trianon perfumed soap; (1) Colorized Marie Antoinette (1938) magnet; (1) Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund book; (1) Marie Antoinette (1956) French cinema card

Unlockable Prizes

$100 Raised Unlocks: ONE ADDITIONAL WINNER UNLOCKED; (1) Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola) Region 1 DVD; (1) Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola) French cinema card; (1) Lace and Whimsy Studio Pink Marie Antoinette Enamel Pin; (1) Lace and Whimsy Studio Pastel Sticker Sheet

$200 Raised Unlocks: (1) Marie Antoinette (MGM) Region 1 DVD; (1) LBCC Historical 1772 Rouge Makeup Sample;  (1) Historiae Marie Antoinette Hameau de La Reine perfumed soap; (1) Marie Antoinette (1938) French cinema card

$300 Raised Unlocks: ONE ADDITIONAL WINNER UNLOCKED; (1) Vintage Set of 20 Versailles souvenir photos; (1) Vintage-style Rococo Trinket Box; (1) Vintage 18th-Century Painting Print in Frame; (1) Vintage Marie Antoinette chromo card

$400 Raised Unlocks: (1) The Album of Marie Antoinette: Views and Plans of the Petit Trianon (French Edition); (1) The Wicked Queen: The Origins of the Myth of Marie Antoinette by Chantal Thomas book; (1) Moi & Marie Antoinette by Lynn Cullen book; (1) Marie Antoinette by Katie Daynes book

$500 Raised Unlocks: ONE ADDITIONAL WINNER UNLOCKED; (1) Becoming Marie Antoinette by Juliet Grey book; (1) Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow by Juliet Grey book; (1) Confessions of Marie Antoinette by Juliet Grey book;  (1) L'Autrichienne (1991) French cinema card

$600 and Beyond Raised: I will update with new prizes if I can raise this much! Additional prizes may include books, vintage items, Marie Antoinette inspired makeup/fashion/beauty products, and more.

Giveaway Rules

1. You must be 18 or older to enter this giveaway.
2. This giveaway is open internationally. Please note DVD prizes are Region 1.
3. You can only enter the giveaway HERE at my Blogspot Giveaway post. Do not send messages to my Tumblr account as entries, they will not be counted.
4. You may enter the giveaway only once.
5. The giveaway is open from 8/28/17 through midnight EST 9/24/17.
6. At least one winner will be RANDOMLY chosen on 9/25/17. If additional winners are unlocked, additional winners will be randomly chosen afterward. 
6a. Winners chosen after the 1st winner are considered additional winners. Additional winners will receive two random duplicate items (to be determined) from the list of unlocked prizes only. They will not receive the Base Giveaway Prize set.

Other Information

This giveaway is not administered, sponsored, supported, or endorsed in any way by Tumblr, Blogspot, or any other organization. 

Entry to the giveaway is completely free and is NOT dependent on donations whatsoever. This is not a raffle or auction. Donating does not enter you into the giveaway, nor does it give you a higher chance of winning. Donations will not be considered whatsoever when randomly choosing a winner(s). 

Only money raised on my personal fundraising page (not the team page as a whole) will count towards unlocking prizes (i.e.; if I raise $100 and our team raised $1500 as a whole, only the $100 prizes will be unlocked).  

Reminder: To enter, simply comment on this post with your name, a contact email and/or Tumblr name, and a comment indicating you are entering.  

Giveaway closed and winner chosen! Thank you for entering!

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