Monday, December 15, 2014

'Casanova' illustrations by Helma Baison

illustrator: Helma Baison
source: my scan

I came across a lovely little German translation of Casanova's memoirs at the thrift store recently. It was the cover which first intrigued me but I was completely sold on the purchase when I saw the illustrations inside! The artwork, which was drawn by Helma Baison, hits all the right notes for Casanova's adventurous life, without crossing the line into vulgarity.  If you're a fan of interesting book illustrations, I'd definitely look into picking up a copy! Here are three illustrations from the book:

Saturday, December 6, 2014

'An angel of goodness'

 credit: my scan/collection

"The features of [Madame Elisabeth] were not regular, but her face expressed gentle affability, and the freshness of her complexion was remarkable; altogether, she had the charm of a pretty shepherdess. She was an angel of goodness. Many a time have I been a witness to her deeds of charity on behalf of the poor. All the virtues were in her heart: she was indulgent, modest, compassionate, devoted. In the Revolution she displayed heroic courage; she was seen going forward to meet the cannibals who had come to murder the Queen, saying, 'They will mistake me for her!'"

 --the memoirs of  Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Merry Antoinette: A Marie Antoinette Holiday Gift Guide for 2014

It's once again time for the annual holiday season gift guide! If you're on the lookout for some great 'Antoinette' gifts for your loved ones (or as a treat to yourself!) then you may find just the right thing in this year's 'Merry Antoinette!' gift guide.

Under $200

'Marie Antoinette Service' Sèvres Replica Coffee Cup (€112.00)
Available from the Chateau de Versailles Boutique.

Under $100

Original watercolor of the Queen's Hamlet ($80.00)
Available from TheLittleGreyRabbit on Etsy.
 Marie Antoinette Bust Candle (€78.26)
Available from the Chateau de Versailles Boutique

Dauphine-ers Keepers Jewelry Holder ($64.99)
 Available from Modcloth. 
 Marie Antoinette 28x36" Print by Teona Trajkovska ($53.00)
Available from Society6
Under $50

 Rococo-Inspired Half Doll Brush ($35.00)
Available from Meanglean on Etsy.

 'Boudoir De La Reine' Cushion Cover (€35.00)
Available from the Boutique de Musees.

 Debauve & Gallais De Marie Antoinette Sampler ($48.00)
Available from Debauve & Gallais.

Marie Antoinette 'pink dress' shirt ($32.13)
Available from velvetwolves on Etsy.

 Nina's Paris 'Marie Antoinette Tea' Tin ($29.50)
Available from Amazon.

18th Century Cosmetic Starter Box
Available from LitttleBits on Etsy.
Under $25

 Marie Antoinette: A Historical Tale by Catherine de Duve ($11.27)
Available from Amazon.

 'Revelry' Print ($25.00)Available from ClaireAlmonArt on Etsy.

 A Day at Versailles by Yves Carlier ($24.59)
Available from Amazon

 Marie Antoinette (1938) DVD ($21.99)
Available from Warner Archive

 The Gardener of Versailles: My Life in the World's Grandest Garden by Alain Baraton ($20.31)
Available from Amazon.

Marie Antoinette scoop-neck shirt ($25.00)
Available from tartx on Etsy.

 Marie Antoinette/Napoleon/Josephine Paper Doll Set (€16.50)
Available from Boutiques de Musees.

Trianon-inspired soap set (€18.00)
Available from the Chateau de Versailles Boutique 
 Marie Antoinette Monogram Tote-Bag ($18.00-24.00)
Available from Society6

Under $10

Marie Antoinette Jigsaw Puzzle (€6.50)
Available from the Boutique de Musees.

 Tokyomilk Lip Balm ($10.00)
Available from Tokyo-Milk

Marie Antoinette Make-up Pouch (€5.50)
Available from the Boutiques de Musees. 

 1772 Rose Lip Balm ($10.00)
Available from LitttleBits on Etsy.

Marie Antoinette scoop-neck shirt ($4.02)
Available from velvetwolves on Etsy.

 Marie Antoinette pocket mirror ($7.00)
Available from tartx on Etsy.

Tokyomilk Greeting Card ($5.00)
Available from Tokyo-Milk

Friday, October 24, 2014

'Meek child of sorrow': Consolatory Verses for the Duchesse d'Angouleme

Sir Herbert Croft (1 November 1751 - 26 April 1816) was an English-born author who was best known for his proposed English dictionary and his popular novel, 'Love and Madness, a Story too true, in a series of letters between Parties whose names could perhaps be mentioned were they less known or less lamented.' Although Croft's proposed dictionary never got off the ground, his novel--which many people thought was a real collection of letters--was fairly successful.

In 1814, Croft composed and published the following 'Consolotary verses' to Madame, the ducehsse d'Angouleme, who had been newly restored to France with the rest of her family. The verses were published after May 30th, 1814, the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Croft dedicated these verses to George III, the prince regent of England, as a "small mark of gratitude for the favours conferred ... through a long series of year.' What these favours are, exactly, is unknown.

The complete versions can be read for free on Google Books. I've transcribed a small excerpt below.
Meek child of sorrow, whose still-wearied eyes
Stream over such unusual miseries!
Lov'd, royal Lady, whom, we, all, confess
Virtue has mark'd, ev'n more than wretchedness!
I don't deny the sources of your grief;
But let a stranger try to lend relief.
Stranger! yet Hartwell's bow'rs and allies know
You do not term the British muses so.

'Twas there the muse of Young consol'd your mind;
And made it, if more sad, still more resign'd:
There Thomson prov'd how each kind season fills
The world with charms, that balance life's worst ills:
There Rogers taught your tender soul to see
The pleasures, sadly sweet, of memory;
Which, sometimes, in a visionary trance,
Hurried your rapt thoughts back to your lov'd France.

You're, now, come back to your lov'd country; brought
by God himself, and not in airy thought.
Much-injur'd victim! may, on this blest day,
Oblivion's waters wash all tears away!
But that I know forgiveness is the tie
Which to their France binds all your family;
I'd speak of the fond words Religion lent
To France's martyr, in his testament.
He charg'd the seventeenth Lewis to "forgive,
"If they should let the royal infant live;
"If he should ever be condemn'd to drain
"The cup of human misery, and reign."
See who consents to fill that infant's throne,
Of which the cares and miseries are known;
Throne, stain'd with so much blood, so many years,
But wash'd, at least, with a whole nation's tears.
Forgive! Yes, he and every Bourbon do:
Oh! that you could forget, sad daughter, too!
Forgive! Yes, exil'd; years and years ago,
You, all, forgave each author of your woe.
Two brothers, yes and you, forgiving maid,
For France, each weeping night and morning, pray'd.
Yes, you evne pray'd that they might pardon'd be,
Who murder'd more than half your family.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

'Presented By The People Of Paris To Madame La Dauphine, 30 May 1770'

An engraving inscribed with a poem 'presented by the people of Paris to Madame la Dauphine, 30 May 1770':

That gold, diamonds crown your power
That flowers of spring crown your beauty
But let your goodness and virtue be crowned
by the hearts of all France